Previously in… the War in Resolution Galaxy…The Homeostasis (STASIS) Republic led by Status Quo is at war with the Evolution (EVOLVE) Empire led by Darwin Vader.  The EVOLVE Special Forces Warriors are in training to avoid being slimed by the NegaNator by the STASIS Troopers, which blasts negative feedback all over them when they attempt to change.

“Let’s go warriors, keep up your exercises, practice, practice, practice…”

“Commander, I can’t do it anymore, my body is giving out, I can’t go on, I will have to give up…”

“Me neither, commander, too many other things to think about, it is all too much…”

“My muse has left me, I have nothing left, I will never be a writer now…”

“Recruits, I know this is hard, your pain and tiredness mean you need a rest.  Time for you to recharge your energy.  We all need rest at some point.  It doesn’t mean you are out of training or that we are losing the war.  The quest for change is filled with times when we need to gather our energy.  The path to higher healing, heath and creativity is a spiral, recruits, it is NOT a steep mountain.”

“Thanks commander, but I feel so weak, I can’t do anything I want. I look at the strong recruits exercising and creating so much and I wish I could, too.”

“Don’t worry, you will soon enough. Everyone experiences tiredness, pain and stress. And, there are times when the muse will not visit because you need to recharge.  This is one of the most crucial times in your training. You need to learn more patience with yourself, go with the flow, listen to your body and your intuition, that is your connection to the Force.  When you listen closely to the messages from the Force, you will now what to do next.  This is one of the ways the Force can grows stronger in you.  Recruits! Go rest, recuperate, recreate and use this time wisely!”

Comforting Kitties

I send you comforting kitties to help you relax, nourish yourself and rest.  Everything looks better after a Kittie Recuperation. There are times in our lives when we need to ease the pace  to allow our bodies to heal and our minds to have space, during these times…

we need nourishing food and rest…

we need to care for ourselves and others who need us…

and, sometimes we just need to SLEEP…

Links to Inspire Your Week

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