Today, I want to thank my good friends for sending me awards.  They increase our sense of community with each other and they are just plain fun!

The Sugar Doll Blogger Award

I am honored that Deanna Schrayer at Deanna’s Blog, The Life of a Working Writer Mommy, awarded me with the Sugar Doll Blogger Award. She is a wonderful friend and a great writer. I am very grateful for her support and encouragement. As acceptance for this award I must reveal ten things about myself. See below.

I wish to pass on this lovely Sugar Doll award to these writer friends:

Karen Schindler (karenfrommentor)

Mari Blaser

Laura Eno

Donna Carrick

PJ Kaiser (doublelattemama)

I am also honored to receive not just one, but two awards from Tony Noland at Landless. Thank you, Tony, for these awards. I am glad to be your friend and supporter of your writing, which is always interesting and thought-provoking. And, you are a fun guy to hang out with each day on Twitter.

The Silver Lining Award – Gratitude

The Silver Lining award is given to blogs that help others or focus on the good things in life to uplift others.” This award comes with a condition. I must now pass it on to five other blogs that I feel have accomplished the same thing.

Honest Scrap Award – Can You Handle the Truth?

The Honest Scrap Award means that I am supposed to share ten things about myself that you may not know.

So, since I have two awards that require me to tell ten things about myself that are true, I thought I would do it all in one shot. I don’t think I could come up with twenty things. I’m having a really hard time with ten.

  1. I have five siblings, but grew up an only child because they were so much older. (I have a nephew who is one year older than me)
  2. I worked in corn and bean fields during the summers as a teen. (hated it, but got a good suntan, now called sun damage)
  3. I met my husband in a bible study group my first year in college that I joined after they scared me with a movie about the rapture. (Oh, the stupid days of our youth.)
  4. I spent the next few years trying to deprogram, usually in bars.
  5. We still got married and managed to escape the grips of fundamentalist Christianity, becoming Buddhist, the wild and crazy variety.
  6. Despite a lifelong hormone condition, I had my twins unassisted by fertility drugs, it just took about a decade.
  7. I predicted the birth of my twins in my journal exactly one year before they were born, and that they would be a boy and a girl. (on the exact date – but didn’t really believe myself at the time or remember until I reviewed my journals several months after they were born.)
  8. I have never written a fictional short story before I started FridayFlash in December, and never more than a few pages of fiction before NaNoWriMo last November. (now you cut me some slack)
  9. I gave up seven state and national conference speaking engagements this year to be with you all on Twitter (actually for health reasons, but I’m here with you, aren’t I?)
  10. I’m actually a bot on Twitter. (Oh wait, the lies went in the last award, oh well, this one is more fun than the truth.)

I now send the Silver Lining Award and the Honest Scrap Award to these folks!

Marisa Birns

Maria P (Mazzz_in_Leeds)

Sam (FutureNostalgic)

Carrie Clevenger

Cynthia (cswriter59)