Last week I was busy with kid sports tournaments, town festivals, my birthday and time off. But life is still not slowing down this week, it is speeding up and making me dizzy.

So, sorry for giving you “the crazy cat” again this week, but my life is in a big transition. The good news is I got a new job, bad news is I start on Monday (actually that is good, too, but that means I am really busy). I have meetings and paperwork to do quickly since everything happened so fast. I will be working two days a week as a Clinical Supervisor at a non-profit human service agency. This is my first job since staying home with my kids – nine years at home &  homeschooling – so thank goodness I am beginning with just two days a week. I might stay at that level to give me time to write and be home on days when there is no school as much as possible.

I have been looking for the right work situation for a long time and have gone through many decisions and changes of mind. But this feels right and I am looking forward to starting this job. I have many things to arrange before I begin (and after). And, my husband is going through interview stuff right now too (fingers crossed).

Please continue to send submissions for the Coffee Klatch. I will start listing the serial fiction as soon as possible (I hope next week). But, next week will be a new routine challenge for my entire family. Please bear with me as I attempt to manage my new schedule, new responsibilities and my health ( I really have to watch it during transitions). I will get back into my writing & Twittering groove very soon, I hope.

Thanks for all the comments on my post yesterday about the Mind Monkeys. I will make every attempt to get in some time to read other blogs. I really appreciate my online friends and will keep in touch best I can during the transition.

Submissions to Coffee Klatch News

Request for info about your fiction serials. Send me your info if you write serial fiction. I plan to start listing serials that are published online by the many wonderful writers who follow Writer’s Life. I am expecting many serials, so I will list them over a few weeks in the order I receive them. This includes sites that feature many fiction series.

I have one more request, please send me as many hashtags as you can that people use on Twitter for fictional series, such as #webfic, etc.

If you write a serial, send me the following information (this will help me so I can list them easily and quickly) send the info in this format to Coffee @

Your Name, Twitter name (with link), website (with link), title of your serial (with link to the first installment in the series), and brief description (one sentence to one paragraph long).

Do you have a contest, challenge or publication (print, ebook or online) or interviews you would like to share with our writer’s life community? Have you discovered a great resource for writers online? If you have news or announcements for the weekly Coffee Klatch (posted each Thursday) send a DM on Twitter (@Writers_Life) or email to Coffee @