If you missed it, here is Episode 1 of War in Resolution Galaxy.

Direct Hit…Splat…Ooze…

“Quick! Put the force fields up! Get him in an Isolation Bubble, he’s been hit by the STASIS Empire’s NegaNator! It is changing to NegaGoo and soaking into his body. Before long, he will be overtaken by homeostasis impulses.”

“Ah, that feels…gooooood!”

“It’s too late for him, he needs decontamination. Just get him isolated before it spreads!”

“This is great….I feel peaceful…I don’t have to try and change anymore…Ah, everyone loves me…I’m no different than anyone else…I can eat what I want…as long as everyone else agrees…”

“Sir, we have him contained in the Isolation Bubble, we will roll him away now, but why does he feel so good?”

“Recruit 678, you will learn that NegaNator Goo feels really good at first. It lures you into a false sense of security. The tension to change snaps away and you are fooled into thinking it is the same as peace and comfort. This deception is what we are up against in the war in Resolution galaxy.”

“Maybe we don’t need so much change. Maybe we are o.k. just as we are. Maybe…”

“That is a half-truth, you should know better! We will not have any talk like that around here. Guards, have this recruit checked for contamination. I think he was in the fall-out.”

“All right, everyone else stand in your ranks. You have just received your first lesson. You have witnessed our first NegaNator attack of negative feedback. It creates a fearsome goo that makes us believe that we don’t need change and that we should resist any attempts at evolution.”

“But commander, how are we gonna resist the force of the Homeostasis (STASIS) Republic. Their power is everywhere, they so seductive, it is so easy, so yummy, so comforting, so…”

“Guards! One more recruit to pick-up for decontamination.”

“Now listen up! Status Quo is a strong leader of the STASIS Republic and his troops will always be fierce fighters. But you are part of a special forces division of the EVOLVE Empire. You must remain strong and accomplish the mission of our leader, Darwin Vader. The troopers in the STASIS Republic will try to make you believe you serve an evil leader. They try to convince all civilizations that we are tearing the galaxy apart and that chaos will rule if we take over. They see us as evil rebels with our wild new ideas.”

“Commander, can’t we just tell Status Quo who we really are? Can’t Darwin Vader and Status Quo work out a peace treaty?”

“That is impossible, they fight a battle with each other everyday. The STASIS Republic is a mighty strong force and they have powerful tactics that can take us over in an instant if we are not prepared. They have mind control tactics that feed thoughts directly that say, “change is bad, improving your life and your world is bad, just go along with the flow, be like everyone else.” They convince you they are the only ones that can give you comfort, peace, and security. But we know the truth. WE, the EVOLVE Empire are NOT the evil side that the STASIS Republic portray.”

“Where does our power in the EVOLVE Empire come from?”

“Recruits, we are the power of change, creativity, innovation and improvement. If it weren’t for us, there would be no upward movement of culture and civilization. There would be no improvement in health, relationships, technology, or compassionate action. Imagine a world without creative works of art, writing, and music. We are the EVOLVE Empire and we have mighty powers of persuasion, talent, love, wisdom and passion.”

We harness The Force of the universe for the brighter future of all civilizations and their inhabitants. The STASIS Republic harnesses The Force for survival.”

“I think I understand, commander, but didn’t you just say that both sides use The Force?”

“Yes, the Force is neutral and can be used by anyone for both good and evil. Right now in the STASIS Republic they use The Force of Habit and in the EVOLVE Empire, we are The Force To Be Reckoned With.

EVOLVE Empire Special Forces Warrior - A Force to Be Reckoned With

A Few Things to Think About

Take a few moments to remember your strength, and think about how to quiet your self-doubts Five Great Ways to Conquer Self-Doubt by Alexandra Levit in Zen Habits: Simple Productivity.

Expand your definition of Creativity and contemplate ways to extend your care to others in this brief list about Compassion, Courage and Creativity by Jim Belcher at CreativityNow Conversations.

Here is a wonderful interview with a fascinating person, Larry Rosenberg,  in The Art of Doing Nothing by Amy Gross in Tricycle magazine.  I was captivated by his interesting life from drugs, to Harvard, to doing “nothing.”

Larry Rosenberg is the founder of the Cambridge Insight Meditation Center (CIMC) and a guiding teacher of Insight Meditation Society (IMS) in Barre, Massachusetts. His new book, Breath by Breath, was recently published by Shambhala. Born to Russian-Jewish immigrants in 1932, Rosenberg grew up in Brooklyn; his father, who had Marxist leanings, came from fourteen generations of rabbis, but thought “that only an idiot goes into religion.”

For Fun

Star Wars as performed by Vegetables. To inspire your food choices please watch Grocery Store Wars – You really gotta see this !! One of my kids’ favorites!!

FYI – Our Secret Weapon in case it gets rough out there

@LauraEno - Secret Forces Sword Wielding Warrior

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