First Friday Report

It is the first Friday check in for the #writerlbsOff group.  How did it go for you this week?  Either Tweet a brief update, or comment below.

I have enjoyed Tweeting about our progress!  It can be hard to face that first week of committing to change.  Some of us hit the ground running and some of us took things slow.  We all have our own pace!

Start Small

We all have challenges in our lives and it is hard to make huge changes. Let’s all start out with small changes so they will last and accumulate. Soon, they will weave themselves into the tapestry of our lives, looking more beautiful each week.

If you haven’t checked it out yet, begin reading my SciFi series, Episode 1: War In Resolution Galaxy.  A new episode will be posted each Tuesday to keep us all motivated.

Creating Resolutions You Can Keep – Collection of Great Posts

There have been a lot of posts out there in the blog world about making and keeping New Year’s resolutions.  These posts have helped me think more about my resolutions and how I am going to keep them.  Here is a collection I read that are very interesting.

  • Jessica Rosen, of Girl Meets Word, has a wonderful blog post called, Forum: Reach Your Goals.  It is a summary of several articles and posts that provide advice for writers trying to meet their goals in the new year. It includes a mention of our #writerlbsOff group.
  • Become more mindful in the new year when it comes to resolutions. Go deeper into the inner experience of resilience, avoid the ravages of brittleness and examine your autobiography of  ability, worthiness and wisdom with Peanut Butter: Able, Worthy and Wise – Good Fables by Cole Bitting


If you haven’t joined in the fun yet, you can anytime.  Go to #WriterlbsOff – New Year Resolutions for Writers for more information and sign up. Then just add #WriterlbsOff in your tweets and follow along in our conversation.