How are you doing you great #writerlbsOff warriors? Time for Friday Check-In. Feel free to take over the comments section, chat and support each other in successes and challenges. I hope this week was a good one, but if not, that is o.k., next week is just around the corner.

Do you need a little boost at times? I do. I’ve been watching the reruns of Ally McBeal for a good laugh each night. One of my favorite times is when she is going to a therapist who is played by Tracy Ullman, a great comedian.  She is just as crazy as Ally.  What Tracy told her to do is come up with a theme song that will help her when she is feeling a little nuts, upset, or down. When she needs it, Ally hears the song in her head, and often dances or just freaks out.  I think this would be fun for us!  Here is the theme song that Ally chose, “Tell Him”, to help her cope with man problems (and sanity problems) including scenes from the show. Ally shows you how to use your theme song for maximum benefits!

Ally McBeal’s theme song, “Tell Him,” and a demonstration on how to use it to your advantage.

Here is one of my theme songs right now, I kept to the Ally McBeal  songs, “Searching My Soul” by Vonda Shepard.

I use music all the time to change my mood, inspire my writing and get ideas.  The characters in my novel have theme songs for all subplots they go through.  I think music is a GREAT creativity enhancer.  Find a theme song for any of your goals, funny or serious, and share it with us for a fun Friday.