War in Resolution Galaxy (Episode 5)

Previously in …War in Resolution Galaxy (#4), the EVOLVE Empire warriors special forces division learned that play, rest and relaxation was one of the keys to being a great warrior in Resolution Galaxy.  And, they saw that the Force could grow stronger in them as they opened further to their intuition.

“How is the scheduled maintenance going, recuits?”

“Commander, it is going great, I repaired part of the defense shield while I checked the valves on the rocket launchers, and helped recruit 345 with his assignment…”

“And I am half-way done with the computer systems check while I began to help recruit 678 with the repairs on the defense shield, I also started my assignment and am helping to fix lunch for everyone…”

“The maintenance was scheduled to be done on the defense shield two hours ago, and the computer systems check needed to be completed three hours ago. These are vital functions to our survival during this war in Resolution Galaxy. Without our priorities set and energy focused, we are vulnerable.”

“But Commander, we have done what you ordered, we rested and played. Now we are strong and want to use our energy to get many things done.”

“I commend your energy and enthusiasm. You have learned how to grow the Force within you.  But now you must learn to focus your energy so you are not scattering it about and diffusing your power.  Multitasking is deceiving, you may feel like you are accomplishing a lot, but you are behind schedule and nothing is getting done well.  This is draining your Force and you didn’t even realize it.”

More About Multitasking

Here is a series of articles about multitasking that I enjoyed reading.  The articles are from a website I just discovered called, The Second Act, by Tessa Ivascu, a French journalist and professional development teacher. I hope you enjoy them and find some useful tips.

The first three articles are short research reports that shows why multitasking is not a good idea.

How Multitasking Messes With Your Brain

How Multitasking Puts You Behind Schedule

How Multitasking Affects Driving, Learning, Aging

Here are two articles with solutions. They describe applications of mindfulness to help us reduce the amount of multitasking we do that is harmful.

Curb Multitasking By Practicing Mindfulness – You may know I am a fan of meditation and mindfulness. This is a simple description of how to do it.  “Just listen to that chatter in your mind, (that is different than thinking)”…

How Marcel Proust Found Mindfulness – And How You Can Find It Too – This is a fun article that describes examples of mindful thinking in passages of In Search of Lost Time, by Proust.

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