As some of you may have seen, I won a 40 word flash contest hosted by Alison Wells (@alisonwells) that she held for her 40th Birthday. It was a fun contest with many great entries. You can see all the winners at Alison’s blog – THE FORTY WORD – Winners.

Celebrating Alison’s birthday and having fun writing were enough of a good time, but Alison took it further by offering a prize to the winner.  It was a beautiful handcrafted wool felt journal cover (with journal included) made by her sister, Sharon Wells, who is an artist.  I was blown away by the beautiful work of art I received in the mail all the way from Ireland.

I have take some photos to share with you.  You can see how detailed, textured and pretty it is. My photo doesn’t begin to capture the vibrant colors and sparkling details woven together, or the sumptuous softness and texture.

Thank you so much – Alison and Sharon! I greatly appreciate this journal and keep it in a safe place away from kids and pets. Each time I pull it out I smile and remember your kindness, and I enjoy the beautiful art you have so graciously sent to me.

I highly recommend Sharon’s beautiful artistry and hope you will consider supporting her work. Her journal covers make great gifts for writers! Please visit her website and see her beautiful scarves and bags, too. She can design something just for you. You can find more of Sharon’s creations at:

Website – Feltcreative (there is also a link on Alison’s blogroll so you can access it anytime-just go to her sidebar to Feltcreative) Sharon’s work is sold on Etsy, including the journals.

To contact Sharon directly with any questions, comments or requests at:

And, congratulations to Sharon on the birth of her son, Robert, last week!