coffee klatch noun
an occasion when people meet socially to talk and drink coffee (Cambridge Dictionary)

Welcome to the second Coffee Klatch. Join us each week for conversation and news for the Writer’s Life community and connect on Twitter at #Writers_Life.

We always serve a full menu of yummy drinks and treats. Help yourself to coffee, tea, hot chocolate or chai. Today I am serving cinnamon rolls hot and gooey from the oven.

Writer’s Life Happenings

The Writer’s Life Weekly Feature. My post for the week is The Writer’s Life: Flying With Focus. I have been thinking about priorities in my writing life and living with the theme of birds lately. We watched The Life of Birds episodes at my house (rented from NetFlix). It is absolutely amazing. You must see it if you haven’t yet.

Next week I am shifting my weekly Writer’s Life post to Tuesday and the Coffee Klatch to Thursday. That should work with my schedule long-term, for now, hehe.

Yoga & Writing Challenge. Thanks to Annie Q. Syed (@so_you_know) I have found a great new challenge for the next 21 days. The challenge is sponsored by Bindu Wiles (@Binduwiles) at Bindu Wiles: The awakened life… for seekers, creatives, and especially writers (I love that tag line!). Bindu has a community project online called 21.5.800 (we are hooking up at #215800) where the challenge is to do 5 days of yoga a week and 800 words of writing per day for 21 days. There were 200 participants when I signed up Monday- now there are 340+!

I am very excited about this challenge because I want a more regular yoga practice (but gentle) to help with chronic pain. I love the idea of combining yoga with writing challenges. I get more productive writing done if I keep my body circulating – too easy to stay in the chair. Savasana (corpse pose on the floor) is also considered yoga practice in case I have too much pain or need stillness on some days. I invite you join us, it started yesterday on June 8th – it is still not too late. I know there are a few of my friends already signed up. Let us know in the comments if you are joining too.

Coffee Klatch News

Safetycomfort. Josie Lyon (@safetycomfort) at Safetycomfort-Around the kitchen table has a newly redesigned website. Head on over to her housewarming party and make sure you sign up for her new Google Connect Friends.

Cecilia’s Random Writings. Cecilia Dominic (@RandomOenophile), wine and food blogger with a penchant for random tales, recently responded to feedback about her Random Oenophile blog and shifted her fiction and thoughts about writing to a new blog, Cecilia’s Random Writings. She hopes it will be a place to grow as a writer, connect with readers, and “think out loud” about and discuss with others the writing processes with the “Process & Progress” series. She can also be found on the web as a regular contributor to local news site Decatur News Online. She is currently in San Antonio and invites others to stop by for a margarita or blood orange mojito and look around.

Away With Words Collection. Olivia Tejeda is looking for your input for a collection of tips to overcome writer’s block. This collection will be made available on her website when it is compiled. From Olivia: My post last week on sleeping to beat writer’s block prompted some interesting responses.  I’d like to expand on that and get lots of input from the online writing community. The question is:  What is your best tip for overcoming writer’s block? Anyone interested in sending in a tip, can tweet me @SimplyOlivia or @SilentWriters using the #tip hashtag, or visit my site to send an email.

The Creative Mind. Douglas Eby (@talentdevelop) at  Talent Development Resources now has a blog on Psych Central called, The Creative Mind. It looks like a great new blog to follow.

Best Articles. I have found an amazing weekly update for writers. The Best Articles This Week for Writers is published every week at Adventures in Children’s Publishing by Marissa Graff and Martina Boone. You can follow this website on Twitter @4KidLit.

Other Weekly Updates. As mentioned on the weekly update by Marissa and Martina (above), here are other weekly updates you may already follow, but if not, you will want to:

Jane Friedman on her blog, There Are No Rules at Writer’s Digest posts Best Tweets for Writers each week. And, this week Jane put together – The Best Articles Writers Should Have Read  (1st Half of 2010)

Elizabeth Craig at Mystery Writing is Murder writes Twitterific, her list of helpful Tweets each week

Nathan Bransford at Nathan Bransford Literary Agent & Author posts every Friday – This Week in Publishing – publishing news and information

Nicole Humphrey Cook at It’s All About Writing posts a weekly collection of Favorite Tweets for Writers

Coffee Klatch is On!

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Let’s chat about challenges. Have you given yourself any challenges lately? Participated in challenges? Do challenges help you?