coffee klatch noun

an occasion when people meet socially to talk and drink coffee (Cambridge Dictionary)

It’s as simple as that! Have some espresso and almond biscotti – the coffeehouse special today!

I grew up in a small town in Iowa where people still get together for coffee klatches. I miss that aspect of small town life. That was a time when people would “visit,” talk about their lives, and other people’s lives (yeah there was plenty of gossip, too) over coffee and home-baked goodies. It was a powerful network throughout the community and bonded neighbors together. I swear my parents knew most everyone’s family (and what happened to each member back 3 generations)  in our town and several surrounding communities.

I am holding my coffee klatch at my new hip virtual coffeehouse for writers to connect with the Writer’s Life Community.

Come in to the Writer’s Life Coffeehouse (no official name yet) and join me for the first coffee klatch. I will host a klatch every Wednesday. My initial idea is to post announcements about what is going on with the Writer’s Life friends and followers and items that may interest us. This can be a way to track some of the major events, new projects, announcements, interviews or publications happening in our community. I’m sure the coffee klatch will expand to include more in the future.

Spend some time tweeting with #Writers_Life on Wednesdays and chat with your friends. Tell us how you are doing, what you are working on, your challenges and successes. I may occasionally bring up intriguing issues about the writer’s life for us to discuss, and hope you will too.

Of course we will always share some excellent coffee and treats.

Writer’s Life Happenings

Coffee Klatch. Of course my first announcement is the Coffee Klatch! I will try to catch items of interest on Twitter each week. But I need your help!

If you are one of the followers and participants of The Writer’s Life, please send your announcements for the week about yourself or items of interest for this community. You can send an email to (hubby created a fun email addy just for this) or DM on Twitter at either @AnneTylerLord or @Writers_Life.

The Writer’s Life Weekly Feature. I have been posting my weekly feature article on Friday, but I will now be moving it to Monday. I will reserve Friday for the times when I have fiction, poetry or a party (the last party was a wild blast!).

BTW, see my new Twitter thingy on my right sidebar (under the Google Friends Connect) and sign in if you like. I found this and thought I would give it a try  to see if it is useful or fun.

Coffee Klatch Announcements

Randomitities. Mari’s Randomitities (@marirandomities) has a new home! Mari is hosting a house warming party at her place to celebrate. Make sure you sign up for the new RSS feed and Google Friends Connect. Mari Juniper has also published her first horror story at Flashes In The Dark, called Zombie Walk.

The Penny Dreadful. The Penny Dreadful (@TPDonline) is excited to announce that they are partnering with the awesome folks at Tangent Artists to bring you weekly webcomics! The Skeleton Crew by Monica Marier (@lil_monmon) will be featured on The Penny Dreadful. She has two comics posting soon. See the transcript of the chat about the announcement.

Silent Writers. Shhh. “The Silent Writers Collective is a group of writers who get together online and in person to write in silence.” It was created by our friend Olivia Tejeda (@SimplyOlivia) at Away with Words .  I joined in for the first time last night to the #SilentWriters one hour of silent writing – Tuesday at 9p.m. EST. It was nice to know others were writing too. I enjoyed it. You can connect here –  @SilentWriters and #SilentWriters, go to the link for Olivia’s site (above) for more information.

#AmWriting. If you are a part of the #amwriting community on Twitter, you will want to sign up and be a part of the amwriting directory. Johanna Harness has graciously decided to create a directory of all the authors in her community with bios and where you can find their writing. She has also set up The Amwriting Store on Amazon for those writers who have links.  I suggest we explore the writers in this community and read their websites and books as part of our summer reading. (Added note – check out all the links Johanna has provided in the comments!)

Post- Apocalyptic Publishing. If you are part of #FridayFlash you will want to check out Emma Newman’s contest. Emma (@EmApocalyptic) will professionally podcast someones FridayFlash each month!

Coffee Klatch officially begins!

You can chat below or head back to Twitter at #Writers_Life. What are you working on this week? Is it a good writing week, or not? Have you done anything interesting in your Writer’s Life recently?