I’m on a break this week, but please continue to send me info for the next Coffee Klatch for Thursday, July 16th.

Well, okay, just a few drops of coffee! Here are a couple of time sensitive bits of news

Emma Newman is drawing TOMORROW (Friday, July 9th) for another FridayFlash winner to get their story recorded. “Authors pick their favourite flash they wrote in June, I pick on at random and make a voice recording for them.”  All details and place to enter are here:
So, just like last month, I am going to record a Friday Flash written by someone in the community (for free), publish it here to showcase their writing and of course, send it to the flash author to do with it what they will. I get a chance to practice producing other people’s work, and the winner gets a professionally produced audio version of their story. The only thing I ask is that at the end I get to say that I recorded it and give out my URL in case someone who listens would like me to record something for them.

Jim Bronyaur announced the release of his #oilspill album, IN THE THICK OF IT ALL, he says:

So, it’s no secret how bad the oil spill is. And I’m not here to tell you what’s right and wrong and who should take blame for the situation. I am here to tell you that you could do something to help…

I decided to record an album and for every album and/or song sold, I will make a donation to the oil spill. To check out my announcement for this project – and hear my little rant about my generation –read it here.

Now, there are four options for the album and each comes with a donation… read more here

Submissions to Coffee Klatch News

Request for info about your fiction serials. Send me your info if you write serial fiction. I plan to start listing serials that are published online by the many wonderful writers who follow Writer’s Life. I am expecting many serials, so I will list them over a few weeks in the order I receive them. This includes sites that feature many fiction series.

I have one more request, please send me as many hashtags as you can that people use on Twitter for fictional series, such as #webfic, etc.

If you write a serial, send me the following information (this will help me so I can list them easily and quickly) send the info in this format to the email address below:

Your Name, Twitter name (with link), website (with link), title of your serial (with link to the first installment in the series), and brief description (one sentence to one paragraph long).

Do you have a contest, challenge or publication (print, ebook or online) or interviews you would like to share with our writer’s life community? Have you discovered a great resource for writers online? If you have news or announcements for the weekly Coffee Klatch (posted each Thursday) send a DM on Twitter (@Writers_Life) or email to Coffee @ AnneTylerLord.com.