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– Thanks everyone!

Get your motor runnin’

Head out on the highway

Lookin’ for adventure

And whatever comes our way…

Born to be wiiiiiiiiiiiiiild!

Born To Be Wild and Easy Rider (Slipshotfilms)

Writers, get your nose out of your books, put the pen down, close down the windows on your computer with your WIP and recapture your spirit of adventure, rebellion and feel free and wild! We are getting out on the road and riding our choppers for this party.

“What’s wrong with freedom? That’s what it’s all about.” Watch this clip and get in the mood for the wildest party yet!

I’m celebrating my birthday (July 7th I turn 45 – ouch!), my blog’s birthday (1 year old) and the Fourth of July weekend (US birthday) during the weekend known for the best of summer fun! For my birthdays, I would LOVE more Google Friends. If you follow my blog, come a little closer so I can see you! And don’t hesitate to join in the comments.

If you are new to my parties (and to my site) be warned, unusual things can happen, and not everyone is part of *physical* reality. This all takes place in virtual space and there are fictional characters everywhere, they show up at my parties, help with the festivities and even comment on my posts. However, the fiction writers tend to be just as wild as their characters at my party, so you never know what will happen. We create a short story every party with wild twists and turns!

This party will be a big one. Visit often between Friday, July 2nd and Wednesday, July 7th (I’m taking a break next week from regular blog posts). Check out the craziness at my last wild party. Can you believe it has been about 7 months worth of parties so far? Seems like only yesterday when I threw my Once in a Blue Moon New Year’s Eve Party that started it all. But I am getting nostalgic, so I will just say, thanks, and “let’s get on the road…”

Now get on your chopper and have a great time!

Gettin’ Ready

The Jacket

Riding our choppers, it is all about looking good. Of course the first requirement is having a great leather jacket. Swazzle and Pogmorton (Sam’s (@FutureNostalgicpixies from the UCF) have made special Born to Be Wild jackets especially for this trip. Head on over to their place and pick one up, but watch out for the Wyrm, they haven’t caught it yet.


The Boys are making another special appearance at this party to help with the Tatoos. As members of the Russian Mafia, they know all about tatoos and are amazing artists with the needle. For this Born to Be Wild trip, we will all be branded with the Dragon tattoo. This will be a permanent reminder to live your spirit of adventure. Where do you want your tattoo?

Pick Your Route

It is time to choose the route for your ride. We will be split into three groups, or if you choose, be totally rebellious and find your own road anywhere in the world. Tour leaders are Xan Marcelle, Mr. Fluffy and Jezebel.

Easy Rider Tour

In the spirit of the theme, Xan Marcelle (aka @CrookedFang) – Carrie Clevenger’s interesting character- the cool bassist vampire who is literally coming alive more each day-will be your tour guide on the classic route taken by Wyatt (Peter Fonda), Billy (Dennis Hopper) and George (Jack Nicholson) in Easy Rider. I suggest you wear scarves around your neck if you are on this tour. And, the riding time in this group will only take place at night, for obvious reasons.

On this route you will travel from Los Angeles to New Orleans.

Mr. Fluffy's sidekick

On the Road Tour

For the Beat lit fans, Mr. Fluffy (Laura Eno’s (@LauraEno) mysterious muse – a skull head with glowing red eyes and powers to control your mind) will be your guide for the Jack Kerouac On the Road Tour. I recommend wearing sunglasses, and don’t look into Mr. Fluffy’s eyes.

This is the longest trip. You will take the route Jack followed in 1947-48 from New York to Los Angeles and back to New York. Check out the map for all the exciting stops along the way.

Route 66 – The Mother Road Tour

For some classic nostalgia take the tour on Route 666 (oops, I mean Route 66) with Jezebel (Laura Eno’s many tentacled creature who loves to creep in for parties) as your tour guide.

Have a wonderful time full of unexpected pleasures with Jezebel as you travel from Chicago to Los Angeles. And please, don’t take your cat on this tour.

Wild and Free

The rebellious lone wolves in the group are free to choose any route around the world. Let us know where you are going and tell us about your trip.


What is a party without food? Even though we are on the road, and different roads, we can enjoy every diner and roadside cafe on the route! Diner food for everyone!

Can you feel your sense of adventure rising up inside of you?

Join the party and tell us what’s going on where you are riding. Who’s with you, what are you doing, what did you see?

Did anything unusual happen? At my parties? Never. Ha!