In case you didn’t notice, another month has flown by and we only have one month to go with the #WriterlbsOff New Year’s Resolutions. I hope you are kicking your resolutions into high gear with the coming of spring and our renewal of energy in the warmer weather!

It’s time to celebrate our accomplishments and play. Let’s recharge our batteries or just exhaust ourselves with good times together.

Since we live so far away from each other and don’t get to travel to have parties in “real” places, we will continue to do the next best thing – virtual parties. Let’s have fun, get a little crazy and celebrate our online friendships!

Everyone is invited, so come in and join the party!

Our party to celebrate changes accomplished in March is being held at the Sands in Las Vegas. Come have a great time at the slot machines, the blackjack table, and play a little craps.  I love the roulette table, but don’t go there if you’ve had too many drinks. Have a steak dinner and martinis and see a great Vegas show.

We are enjoying some of the classic shows – didn’t I tell you? We are also traveling back to the 1960s – Yeah, baby!

We are cool as cool can be, swingin’ with the Rat Pack!

The midnight movie we are attending will be Ocean’s Eleven, from 1960, of course!

Remember, what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas, so tell us what your fun night was like and we won’t tell anyone. Who did you see? What happened? What did you do? And, do you need any help getting home?