Congratulations #writerlbsOff community!

Our community members made amazing progress in January with several pounds off, higher creativity and productive writing.  And, some of us have persevered through challenges with our health and creativity, but we are all here strong and happy.

We did it together! What started as a simple suggestion of a few friends who wanted to lose a few pounds in the new year has grown into a wonderfully suppportive community of friends!

We made it through the first month and there are three more to go. This is our January party and I thought we all deserved a Spa Day for us to relax, reflect, rejuvenate, and just hang out and have some fun.

Come in, chat and enjoy the sensual pleasures! Leave all your January worries behind and get ready for February! I wrote a poem to get the party started!

January Ends

began with champagne,
turned quickly insane,
moments of weight gain,
Fibro pain,
weather disdain,
Hernia strain,
lame brain,
trying to maintain,
and not complain.

Don’t shed a tear,
When you look at your rear.
Don’t let your fear,
Make you cry in your beer.

This is YOUR Year,
for change and good cheer!
Your friends are all here,
And our love is most dear.

Welcome to the Spa by the Sea

Come in, find a dressing room and enjoy the fluffy soft robes and slippers. Enter the beautiful spa, have a drink, and enjoy the therapeutic and relaxing services. The aroma you smell is lavender and eucalyptus. All of our products are organic and (mostly) cruelty free.


Click on the links below to enjoy some music while you are here.  I have chosen some very relaxing and reflective music for you to enjoy while you are receiving your treatments. It is great music for contemplative thought and relaxing your body & mind.

Sands of Time

The Sea Caresses You

Simple Pleasures

Close Your Eyes


Enjoy the unique massage services. Your masseurs today will be Laszlo, the Kaszinov’s handsome chemist who has some wonderful new oils with secret ingredients to delight you.  And Jezebel (several of you may know Laura Eno’s, uh, companion – just ask her if you don’t) is joining us to amaze you with her tentacle massage. Just don’t let her get to your neck.


After a soothing oil massage you may want to take advantage of your slippery smooth skin by going outside in the sun on the beach to catch some rays (the weather is great) or play naked Slip and Slide.

The Boys of the Kaszinov Family (of my Russian Mafia story fame-picture at the bottom of this post) will be serving drinks and lunch seaside.  They are very helpful and they love to watch people swim with the fishes.

Mud & Wraps

There is a lovely mud bath that has been replaced with liquid chocolate just for our special spa day. Please no licking, you don’t know who was in there before you.

Enjoy the mummy wraps with special herb infusions guaranteed to give you a high feeling of relaxation and hallucination.

Steam Room

For the hard-core members who want to keep losing weight even during the spa day, we have a special steam room with the aroma of  Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies to help you take off a few pounds while you have the illusion of enjoying treats.

The Pharm

Spend part of the day on The Pharm. There is very special treatments for anyone who recently had surgery, illnesses or injuries.  Here, you will find pharmaceutical wonders to eliminate pain of all kinds.  Laszlo would also like your feedback on his new concoctions, Ice, but if you want to be put on Ice, please allow extra time. It packs quite a punch, but is quite relaxing.


Rejuvenate your mind and writing with oxygen therapy. Boost those brain cells. We also offer helium, but wait until there are several people in the room, it is much more fun in groups.

The Rack

For those of you who are still feeling a little batty, put yourselves on The Rack and hang upside down for awhile to do a little lymph drainage. I highly recommend this treatment in conjunction with the mummy wraps. Hallucinations become much more vivid this way.

Have a wonderful, relaxing day!

I’m so grateful for each and every one of you.

I wish you peace, strength and serenity.


If you are a member and haven’t been able to participate yet, join in the party, comment, or join in when you can.

If you are a newcomer and want to know how this all started check it out here. If you want to join us, introduce yourself in the comments below. You are welcome any time. Then follow the #writerlbsOff on Twitter for chatting and updates.

Listed below are the wonderful people who have signed on to join the #writerlbsOff joining the quest for improved health and creativity.  I encourage everyone check out their websites and follow them on Twitter.  There is a great deal of talent and creativity in this group! (let me know if your info needs any changes)

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