Once in a Blue Moon...

There is magic in the air, a mysterious force drawing us together for the new year!

Tonight, there will be a blue moon shining brightly in the sky and an eclipse of the moon for the lucky souls in the Eastern Hemisphere!

It is surely a sign from the heavens that 2010 will be the year that holds special magic for us.  Let’s all take advantage of the mystical forces on our side and lift our glasses to the year that will transform our lives!


Join me at the side-bar for special drinks to celebrate our new year of health and happiness.

The Juice Bar is stocked, per Laura Eno’s request, with lots of freshly squeezed juices.  Make your own concoction and enjoy! I have also made a special fruity punch! At midnight, we will add a little Champaign to our juice and have a mimosa to the new year!

I have special Celestial Seasonings tea to celebrate the blue moon – Sugar Cookie, Sugar Plum Spice and Gingerbread Spice – all my kids’ favorites.

For the hard-core dieters who can’t wait to begin, I have a collection of Bonnie Bell Lip Smackers (lip balm) in Coca-Cola, Vanilla Coke, and Cherry Coke (my personal favorite). I actually bought these a few days ago (for real, yeah, nostalgia got me, and I’m weird).

I see several of my guests are bringing treats and surprises of their own…

Overheard at the Party

The #writerlbsOff party is growing and there are now 21 people committed to join!! Anyone else? We are beginning our quest to transform our lives on Monday, January 4, 2010.

I have overheard a lot of strange things at the party, the #writerlbsOff group is getting out of control, check it out –

Laura, get that head out of the punch bowl, you turned my orange punch into red goo, Eewww! And, your dragon heads are arguing about who will roast the no-calorie marshmallows.”

Marisa is getting funny and Sassy, but  please, no squirrels at the party, they are getting into everything, including Laura’s head.”

“Look at Julie, she’s doing her Bob Newhart impersonation!” ((Claps)) ” (Twitter – #my3InnerChilds) “Thanks for doing the artwork for the party, it is beautiful!’

And, look at Kelly, what is she pretending to be? Oh, an Echinacia flower? Very nicely done!! ((claps))

“Where did you get that Scotch?  Tony, I can’t believe you brought Daisy, hasn’t she been through enough?”

“Do you have to be on the phone all night?  Ruth, I’m sure your high school pals will forgive you and come to the reunion.”

“Oh yeah! C.L. brought tonight’s entertainment! It’s the Muppets ringing their bells! Oh, no, watch out, Animal is lose…eekk!” “Stop hitting me with that bell!”

Tomara, this is not the place to do any dissecting!”

Nishi, put down that scalpel and tell your puca to stop playing jokes on Sam.”

“The music tonight is provided by Maria, who has the power to stave off death with her amazing band.”

“Olivia, I think we will pass on your MRE snacks, but thank you all the same. Do you still have any of those yummy meatballs?”

“Oh Maggie, thanks for the Toffee, everyone better get a bite before the fourth!”

“And don’t miss the Chocolate that Marwa brought! Wait… where it it? Who ate all the chocolate!!”

“Why is everyone bringing their pets? P.J., you have to do something about your Turtle Doves, they are building a nest in Laura Eno’s head with the squirrels!” “Throw a few pancakes at them!”

Cynthia promises to give anyone a ride home that can’t make it on their own!” “Thanks, but do you have a bus?”

Shon, thanks for the live podcast of tonight’s party, and for the Bacon snacks.” “Please keep that mic away from me, though.”

“Look at that! Angie brought…ah…something really Grimm with her!” Olivia said, backing up.

Sam! Your cat is in the chip dip bowl again, can you please put him back in the Christmas tree branches?”

“Wow! Betsy is having a Wild Thyme! Come on! Everyone into the pool!”

“I see a new person just arrived!  Candace, tell us some stories about how New Orleans is doing these days!”

“Thanks to Deanna for bringing her wonderful chili and cornbread! Oops, spilled the chili, Oh well, it was just a Happy Accident!”

Louise‘s dragons are fighting with Laura’s, eek!  She brought cake! Ah, no thank you, maybe someone who wants to lose a little more weight?”

Is anyone here at the party we don’t know about? Introduce yourself in the comments, have a drink, and join in, everyone is welcome!

What have you overheard at the party? Please let us all in on the fun, comment please, we won’t tell anyone.

Here is all my music & fun stuff for the party that I tweeted:

Love it!! “Blue Moon,” Ella style http://ow.ly/RtG7

More “Blue Moon” the great Chris Isaak and beautiful moon video http://ow.ly/RtTY

Ah, a writer and his muse who sings “Moon River,” from Breakfast at Tiffany’s-doesn’t get better than this! http://ow.ly/RuJ5

“What are you Doing New Year’s Eve” with jazz great Diana Krall http://ow.ly/RtDN So smooth!

“Fly me to the Moon” Diana Krall http://ow.ly/RtCB

Time for the kids to go to bed? show them the amazing full moon out tonight, then “Good Night Moon” story – so cute! http://ow.ly/RuP3

More for kids! “Imagine what we do if moon was cookie” cookie monster http://ow.ly/Rvke

If you want to make the world a better place, take a look at yourself and make a change! The MoonWalker http://ow.ly/Rv81

So cool!!! “Still thirsty? Have some milk, The only thing to do is jump over the moon!” RENT http://ow.ly/RvdV

One of my favorite movies-Dance by the light of the moon! “Lasso the Moon” in I’ts a Wonderful Life http://ow.ly/RvKB