See, Introducing RedFlame DeepWater for an introduction to this series of poems.


RedFlame DeepWater

RedFlame Initiates Destruction

Out of the abyss, erupted RedFlame,
Intruding in my life, and holding others to blame.
I was content in routine, and collecting possessions,
Ignoring nudges to change, and nursing obsessions.

This beautiful place I have created,
And built indestructible.
Now the RedFlame is baited.
Burning everything combustible.


RedFlame is enraged,
Ravaging all in it’s path.
Ravenous consumption engaged,
Incinerating my security with wrath.

RedFlame is flashing bright,
Blinding & Burning my sight!
RedFlame is dancing to be free,
Taunting & Teasing me to flee!

Painful Scorching & Singeing!
Unbearable Searing & Stinging!
Aflame inside and out, a terrible storm,
So much is forced to give up present form.

Raging with smoke,
Making me choke.
Attempting to hide,
all that has died.

All I want was here.
All I have collected was here.
All I love was here.
All I know was here.
All I feel was here.
All I have built for my life,
RedFlame is destroying with strife!

Fire (2)

RedFlame seeks to exterminate,
My Self to eradicate,
My Life to ameliorate,
My Possessions to amputate.

Helpless to extinguish, even the slightest possession.
I want to retreat and withdraw, to hide from this transgression.
But my survival is at stake! I must preserve what I can!
I must fight the fury! And ruin the destructive plan!

“Stop taking what is MINE!”
I yell – raging back!
I rant, rave and whine,
But I am under attack.
The more I rage, the more I burn,
Twisted travesty awaits at every turn.

RedFlame is eagerly devouring,
As I am indecisively cowering.
Smoke chokes, and…I fall.
Survival becomes withdrawal.
Moving quickly, now, down to a crawl,
I find a safe haven, watching it all…


Transfixed on destruction,
Wailing, wasted.
Immobilized by destitution,
Charcoal tasted.
Terrorized by desecration,
Images pasted.

RedFlame comes closer to threaten again,
Igniting with passion, using all the oxygen.
I stayed watching too long, confusion takes hold.
I cannot rest, I must run and be bold.

I am furious to be so lost,
I will not pay the cost!
Taking my comfort away!
Was just RedFlame’s play!

It was all figured out, now I’m running like a fool.
With no where to go, I have become a ghoul.
So I forge into the unknown, an endless dark space.
Where no light is shown, it is darkness with no face.

RedFlame retreats…
It is silent…
I am alone…
Relief visits…
For a short moment.

11_darkforest_1600Back to the path, I can now roam,
I will find my way back to my comfortable home.
Surely something is left that is recognizable.
Cautious searching is all that is advisable.

RedFlame’s pursuit has come to an end,
For reasons I can’t begin to comprehend.
Why the sudden retreat from all the uproar?
No mind – I will return, rebuild, and restore.

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