I am humbled and honored to have received three awards this past week. My Twitter friends and blog friends mean a lot to me. The awards are fun because we get to share with each other and discover other great people to follow.  I am spreading the love around in a big way today!

My wonderful friend Deanna Schrayer has sent me the Super Peeps Club award.  You can see her writing in several places, and they are all great fun, she has a blog, the Other Side of Deanna where she posts her fiction, and Deanna’s Happy Accidents where she shares yummy recipes with entertaining true stories related to her history with the recipe.

I have sooooo many great Peeps I would like to honor, it is hard to only mention a few, but I trust this award will make the rounds through our circles of friends.  So, I will start it off with these Super Peeps to join the club:

Laura Eno @lauraeno  A Shift in Dimensions Laura is a funny Peep and has great writing buddies like Jezebel & Mr. Fluffy. Her writing is astounding.

Sam @Future Nostalgic Future;  Nostalgic Sam is an entertaining writer who amazes us with tales of pixies and fairies, and fun travelogues.

Carrie Clevenger @CarrieClevenger Mindspeak Carrie is an amazing writer who is the crafter of “shock & awe” pieces. Her writing leaves me speechless.

Added note: Sam had a wonderful idea for this award. Each of the recipients gets a special cape and spandex to wear. Soon we can all get together and have a group photo taken. Can’t wait for the fun!

I am happy to receive, The Circle of Friends Award from Josie, at Safety Comfort~Around the Kitchen Table. Josie is such a kind soul and a good friend. She has thoughtful posts on her blog.

I am passing this award on to a few amazing writing buddies – check out their great websites.

P.J. Kaiser @DoubleLatteMama Inspired by Real Life

Tony Noland @TonyNoland Landless

Celia Dominic @RandomOenophile Random Oenophile

Alison Wells @alisonwells Head above Water

Jim Wisneski @Wisneski writers n’ writers

My good friend, Laurita Miller (@LaritaMiller), of Brain Droppings has honored me with the Happy 101 Award. She is such a sweet person and writes powerful stories. The rules of the award have instructed me to list ten things that make me happy, then pass the award along to five others.

  1. My children are such a joy, I could just sit and watch everything they do and be happy forever. Our times together are the best.
  2. My wonderful husband of 24 years makes me happy and has always been there for me through good times and challenging times.
  3. My cats make me happy when they are not torturing me with destruction and tripping me.
  4. I love a perfect cup of espresso.
  5. Writing makes me happy, when it is flowing really well, or I need an outlet for angst. But overall, the writing life has given me great happiness.
  6. Meditation makes me deeply happy when it melts away my troubles & joy replaces them.
  7. Music always improves my mood when I pick the right tune.
  8. Reading an inspiring, entertaining, humorous book is a good pick-me-up & so are old classic movies in Technicolor.
  9. Nature hikes on a beautiful sunny day are amazing, so much to enjoy.
  10. And,my Twitter friends make me happy – keeping up with daily lives, joking, helping each other through life’s ups and downs, and supporting each other’s writing & creativity!

I am passing this award on to a few more of my very sweet friends, check out their websites, you will be amazed.

Karen Schindler @karenfrommentor Miscellaneous Yammering

Deanna Schrayer @deannaschrayer The Other Side of Deanna

Marisa Burns @Marisabirns Out of Order Alice

Mariana Blaser @MariBlaser Mariblaser’s Randomities

Donna Carrick @Donna_Carrick Donna’s Blog