There are times we find ourselves in difficult circumstances, death of a loved one, financial problems, uncertainty, illness, injury, or spiritual crisis. I wrote this poem with these experiences in mind. These are times we get wrung-out and squeezed down to the essence of life. At this moment in our history, individuals in our society are going through these experiences simultaneously, in great numbers. Some will give in to desperation, others will move closer to the light. It is our chance to raise the collective consciousness surrounding the events of our challenging times to ease the path towards discovering Spirit, for those who follow.

Suspended In Thin Air

I’m suspended in thin air,
So thin I can hardly breathe.

I’m suspended in thin air,
questioning the invisible force
of suspension.

I’m suspended in thin air,
predicting a plunge,
hoping to float.

Have I forgotten how to fly?
Or have I never?
Vagueness of past
residence and events

I’m suspended in thin air,
looking for others,
in this strange predicament.

Alone, uncertain,
gasping for breathe,
terrified of wrong moves.

Watching those on the ground,
barely visible, so tiny.
They are busy, blind, daily routines,
so far away,
from this reality.

I’m suspended in thin air,
a place outside time,
but trapped within
movement of events.

I’m suspended in thin air,
becoming invisible,
fading from view,
ofthose who move fast.


What can I see, suspended in thin air?
Vision goes inward.
All externals fade.

I see fear looking at me,
I curiously watch
familiar stares.
I do not choose,
I am chosen.

Each day a new expression,
a new reason,
a new way,
FEAR becomes alive, animated, aggravated.

FEAR overtakes me, possesses,
Fear makes me shake,
afraid of tomorrow.

Impending doom, devastation, demolition,
wracking body, mind and soul,
out of control,
CHAOS takes over.

And I forget…

FEAR is something else,
not me.

Significance strengthens.
I become more transient, translucent, transparent.


FEAR mutates to anger!
Raging at those most loved, those most hated,
those unknown, those un-alive,
dreaded circumstances,
past and future!

Anger grabs with sharp talons,
ripping flesh with delight,
blind with pain,
until there is barely a trace…

And I forget,

ANGER is something else,
not me.

Significance strengthens.
I feel more transient, translucent, transparent.


When FEAR turns to deep SADNESS & GRIEF,

tears come spontaneously
sadness slows movement
grief takes over
everyone is alone
none to help
stuck in here
loss all around
all is gone
run and hide
never to return

And, I forget,

SADNESS & GRIEF are something else,
not me.

Significance strengthens.
I am more transient, translucent, transparent.

What can be seen,
suspended in thin air?

When vision goes inward,
and death feels real!

are not me,

Who AM I?
Pops forth.



quiet…                peaceful…               still…

compassion…             empathy…              love…

truth…             beauty…                 eternity…

I AM the one who observes…
the one who is observed…


the thin air…