Loretta bolted awake at 3:17 a.m.. Her heart raced and head pounded to the beat of sheer panic. She stumbled to her studio wearing the same pajamas and robe she had worn since the night he first appeared. It was time to meet him on the battlefront. She could feel his icy stare and his movement toward her. He once again threatened to invade her life, her sanity and peace of mind. His menacing acts of destruction were the most awesome force she had encountered.

When he first arrived, Loretta was afraid of his fearsome power of possession. She didn’t understand his strange ways, his quick movements and supernatural ability to invade the very core of her mind. She cowered during his nightly visits. But there was no escape from his torment. Loretta decided to fight back against this arrogant bastard. She would not wait for his evil endgame.

Tonight she summoned the courage to focus her trembling hands. She felt a surge of energy overtake her body as she grabbed a paintbrush.  She frantically mixed colors and her hands felt the brush fly across the canvas of its own volition.

A growl was followed by high pitched scratches from his deadly nails.  Loretta sensed his presence creeping into her mind. She let out a roar of defiance and began the fierce battle of wills. Even if he refused to leave, she would not allow him to have control.  She trusted the power of her art to save her from his hauntings and possession. She would expose his ugliness and show the world that she was not afraid of this formidable foe.

Which watercolor do you think Loretta painted that morning?