The Writer’s Life

The Writer’s Life (see on Twitter – @Writers_Life and #Writers_Life) is my regular series that looks at the life of writers from a personal angle; our challenges, our quests, and what drives us to create.

I draw from my psychotherapy background and my own writing life to write posts that inspire us to unleash our creativity. I will wave my magic wand to…

~Amaze you with explorations into the mysteries of the creative process,

~Inspire you with ways to animate your inner muses, or at least throw a lasso around ‘em when they try to run away, and,

~Excite you to embrace the wild, wacky, scary, bizarre, frustrating, blissful, ecstatic experience of being a writer, as I try to do the same.

How Do I Use The Hashtag – #Writers_Life?

#Writers_Life can be used in several ways (that I can think of now) and will hopefully expand into many uses by me and my followers. I love to watch the creative expansion of the collective Twitter consciousness!

There is no special chat time – it is a hashtag for anytime. I will use it to retweet relevant content, to announce posts of The Writer’s Life, to tweet content I find and to invite everyone to my virtual parties.

Come to the #Writers_Life Coffeehouse

I also want #Writers_Life to be a place that writers feel free to use to discuss how they are doing with their writing & creative life. Think of it as our own personal virtual coffeehouse for writers where we can talk about our personal triumphs and challenges, support each other and have a little fun to boost our mood. You know I love it when wild groups of writers hijack my comments and have wild parties.

When we have an issue to discuss, get fed up with our writing, want to celebrate a victory or just chat & goof off, someone can initiate a visit to #Writers_Life and we can all hang out for awhile.

I know this will help me chat with my friends easier – This way we can find the tweets easier.

I hope you will enjoy my expanded tweeting and please come over for coffee anytime!

Future Plans

Ebooks & Fun. I am creating courses for writers, and anyone who wants more creativity and transformation in their lives. The courses are based on Narrative, Play and Poetry Therapy.

The Writer’s Life Archives

If you have missed any of the posts, you can connect here.

The Writer’s Life: Announces the regular articles full of thought provoking ideas and intriguing questions

Fiction: War in Resolution Galaxy my fictional series to get us started with a little sci fi fun and my periodic flash fiction and serial fiction

Fun: Announces fun times and parties (which I hold on a regular basis) You don’t want to miss one of these!

Coffee Klatch: Weekly news and announcements for the Writer’s Life community has it’s own page.

#WriterlbsOff: Included here are the posts from #WriterlbsOff. What is #WriterlbsOff? It is a Twitter hashtag group I started in January 2010 for myself and a few friends that wanted to lose weight and stick together to try and accomplish our New Year’s Resolutions. It grew to a wonderfully support community of writers who wanted to improve their creativity, health and overall happiness in life.

May 2011

The Writer’s Life: Interview at “Head Above Water” My friend (and writer extraordinaire) , Alison Wells, at Head Above Water was kind enough to feature me in an interview. She is doing a wonderful series of interviews with writers who are mothers and asking questions about how they balance writing and family.

April 2011

The Writer’s Life: Spring Creativity Renewal I’m feeling a little more tired and frumpy since last summer. This has been a long, gray, cold winter for many of us. We are promised 60 degree weather and sun for Easter in Minnesota. So, I can feel that it is time to brush off ingrained habits, pale skin and dark heavy clothes!

March 2011

Twitter Friends Are The Best I have been lamenting my limited time online these past few months, but I am thankful when I am able to connect to the friends I have made on Twitter these past couple years. Today I wanted to share a wonderful experience I had getting together with one of my Twitter friends.

January 2011

Fun: 1.1.11 Party: Punch & Fondue As some of you know, my site has hosted many parties for writers & anyone who loves creativity and fun.

The Writer’s Life: My Muses who are Meow-ses We all need our Muses to inspire our writing life . Some of my Muses are Meow-ses. Here are my two new little cuties!

December 2010

Fiction: Frostbite: A Mafia Family Christmas (pt.1) This weekend I am reposting my (portions rewritten) three part series, Frostbite: A Mafia Family Christmas, about the Kaszinov Family.

Fiction: Frostbite: A Mafia Family Christmas (pt.2) I had fun last year imagining what it would be like to celebrate Christmas in a Russian Mafia family, well, at least a goofy one. These posts were my first #FridayFlash-es. This is Part 2 of 3 in a series…

Fiction: Frostbite: A Mafia Family Christmas (pt. 3) This is Part 3 of 3 in a series,

November 2010

The Writer’s Life: NaNoWriMo 2010 It’s November and the clickity-clack of writer’s keyboards can be heard around the world! And, the crashes at the official website are already legendary.  Last year, I had loads of time to write while I recovered from gallbladder surgery and my kids were in school for the first time. This year, I have returned to work after a 9 year absence and increased my schedule from 2 days to 4 days, have my health and pain problems to manage, and my two 9.5 year old twins are joining me so I have their motivation to maintain too!

Awards & Cow Poetry It is time for me to pass on some awards….


October 2010

The Great Chocolate Conspiracy: Episode 7 Welcome to The Great Chocolate Conspiracy! Chocolate Digestive biscuits have disappeared from the shelves right across the eastern seaboard of the USA, and now the shortage has spread to London….

The Writer’s Life: Inspiration from K.M. Weiland Novelist K.M. Weiland blogs essays about the writing life, tips for improving fiction, and encouragement for experienced and newbie writers alike….

August 2010

Fun: Awards: Love is in the Hot Humid Air Today is another hot humid day, but I’m not complaining too much. My friends on the east coast have had such a miserably hot summer. Since we are all stuck in the heat, I thought it was a great time to spread the love around with awards.

July 2010

Fun: Born to be Wild Party Writers, get your nose out of your books, put the pen down, close down the windows on your computer with your WIP and recapture your spirit of adventure, rebellion and feel free and wild! We are getting out on the road and riding our choppers for this party.

The Writer’s Life: Affirmations We all have times when we are overwhelmed with worry, fear, anxiety, anger, jealousy, rage, apathy or depression. In this series, I am sharing advice from the research I am doing for a non-fiction writing project.

Coffee Klatch News: July 8th Well, okay, just a few drops of coffee! Here are a couple of time sensitive bits of news…

The Writer’s Life: Dealing With Mind Monkeys I am continuing my series about Negative Thoughts (this is where it all started), and I’m discussing anxiety in the writer’s life today. My post is part of the My Best Advice to New Writers Blogfest held at the Peevish Penman

Coffee Klatch News: July 16 Last week I was busy with kid sports tournaments, town festivals, my birthday and time off. But life is still not slowing down this week, it is speeding up and making me dizzy….

Coffee Klatch News: July 22 I announced an interview that I did at The Penny Dreadful, #ZombieLuv contest winners and announcements by P.I. Barrington, Emma Newman, Lisa Rivero and many serial fiction series for summer reading.

Interview at The Penny Dreadful The wonderful and gracious hostesses with the mostesses at The Penny Dreadful were kind enough to feature me in a Twitter chat today. Angie Capozello (@techtigger) the creator of The Penny Dreadful (@TPDonline) and her side-kick Nishi (@Cafe_Nirvana) of Breathing Butterflies asked me to talk about #Writers_Life and @Writers_Life.

June 2010

The Writer’s Life: Flying With Focus Lots of birds in this post. I considered the question: If you only had a year to live, would your writing priorities change? Mine did when I thought about my priorities.

Yoga & Writing Challenge: Creak & Moan Last week I joined the challenge called 21.5.800, which translates into five days of yoga each week and 800 words of writing per day for 21 days.

The Writer’s Life: Getting in the Mood What does it take for you to get in the mood to write? I was inspired by a video by John Cleese about creativity.

The Writer’s Life: Negative Thoughts This post is the beginning of a series on negative thoughts such as worry, anxiety, fear, insecurity, self-doubt, anger, apathy and jealousy. This is part of our struggle as writers, to get a hold of the mind monkeys that can derail us. As deep thinking individuals, we can be even more susceptible to disturbing and depressing thoughts.

The Writer’s Life: Get in Your Right Mind Last week I began a series about Negative Thoughts. I will continue by discussing ways to confront destructive thoughts in a healthy way to improve our writing life.


June 2010 – Coffee Klatch Archives

June 2 Coffee Klatch: Launch Here is the first post describing the Coffee Klatch.

Announcements & News included items about The Penny Dreadful, Mari’s Randomitities, Silent Writers, #amwriting and Emma Newman.

June 9 Coffee Klatch: Challenge I joined the Yoga & Writing Challenge and announced several other challenges for writers currently going on.

Announcements & News included items about Bindu Wiles, Josie Lyon, Cecilia Dominic, Olivia Tejeda, Douglas Eby, Marissa Graff & Martina Boon, and many sources of weekly updates for writers.

June 17 Coffee Klatch: Summer Reads This issue included a list of people who have books published online or in print.

Mentioned in this post were Alex Carrick, Donna Carrick, Peter Damian Bellis, Laura Eno, Dan Holloway, Silver James, Eric Krause, Monica Marier, Marc Nash, Emma Newman, Dr. Marcia Sirota and Arvael O”Tierney.

June 24 Coffee Klatch: Contests & More I announced my listing on and other contests and challenges.

Announcements & News included Jim Bronyaur, Jack Roth, Carrie Baile, Deanna Schrayer, Mari Juniper, Debbie Ridpath Ohi, Helen Ginger, Nicole Humphrey Cook with a few good sources of info for writers.

July 1 Coffee Klatch – July 1: Celebrate Summer I announced my posts for the Yoga and Writing Challenge, my birthday, and the birthday of my blog.

Announcements & News included from Tony Noland, Benjamin Solah, Barry Northern, Emma Newman, Marisa Birns, Johanna Harness

May 2010

The Writer’s Life: Come on Over for Coffee This post is the announcement of my new Twitter Domain (@Writers_Life) and hashtag (#Writers_Life) I describe what I will post and tweet and invite my followers to join me.

The Writer’s Life: Tidbits & Knick Knacks I announced that #Writers_Life came up as #5 in a poll listing 25+ Favorite Twitter Hashtags for Writers –  taken by a fellow writer on Twitter. I shared a collection of my Knick Knacks and invited writers to share their collections.

The Writer’s Life: Are You What You Write? This was the post that went viral through writing & artistic communities. This post was the topic of formal discussions on Twitter at #Writechat and was discussed informally in comments & on Twitter between writers and artists. I also received several private messages about the impact this post had on writers. I packed this post full of deep questions:

Do family & friends judge us, as writers, based on what we write?
How much of ourselves is in what we write?
How much do you censor what you write?
What is creative freedom, for you as a writer – and do you have it?

Fun: Summer Kickoff Party WooHoo! The Memorial Day Summer Kickoff Party was the biggest blast of a party I have had so far, and that is saying A LOT! My friends love a great online virtual party and this one left us all dancing, singing, drinking and eating Wyrm byrgers. We were all glowing florescent green when it was all over! Thanks to all my great friends for stopping by to party!

April 2010

The Writer’s Life: Exercise Your Right Brain The beginning of my series on left brain/right brain thinking.

The Writer’s Life: Right Brain Rules! We all had fun with the dancer video trying to determine our dominant side of the brain.

The Writer’s Life: The Sky is Falling A personal look at a worry week and how I dealt with it.

The Writer’s Life: Beatnik Party: Final #WriterlbsOff Here it is, the final party to celebrate four months together in #WriterlbsOff. What a great time! I am very grateful for this great supportive community!

March 2010

The Writer’s Life: Always Discontented? This post was about avoiding depression, healing our creativity and developing gratitude.

The Writer’s Life: Highly Sensitive Persons Many writers identify themselves as highly sensitive persons. It can make life in the world challenging at times, but with proper management, sensitivity can be an asset to creativity.

The Writer’s Life: Creative Flow & Sex A provocative look at accessing more creative flow.

The Writer’s Life: Being Mildly Creative A look at the mildly creative approach of Ken Robert.

Fun! The Writer’s Life at The Sands The end of March party that was most wildly insane party of our community. We went back in time to party with the Rat Pack, and boy did we have a good time!

February 2010

The Writer’s Life: Multitasking The beginning of my regular weekly feature with Episode 5 of War in Resolution Galaxy and Friday Check-in

The Writer’s Life – Depression & Creativity My Valentine’s Day post that resonated with many people (the ones in #WriterlbsOff, many other writers and professionals) This post received some of the highest attention of all the features I wrote so far.

The Writer’s Life: Getting Stuck & Writer’s Block The final episode of War in Resolution Galaxy in included in this post. The secret of your passion wins the war.

Fun: The Writer’s Life: Shifting Perspectives – Writer’s Cruise The end of February party was a cruise on the Love Boat to Gilligan’s Island and Fantasy Island, a perfect diversion into fantasy.

January 2010

The Writer’s Life: #WriterlbsOff- New Year Resolutions for Writers Here is where it all started

Fun: Once in a Blue Moon New Year’s Eve Party!! The first big blow-out party-So much happened that night

Fiction: Episode 1: War in Resolution Galaxy The beginning of my self-help sci fi fictional series about the war in Resolution Galaxy between the Homeostasis (STASIS) Republic and the Evolution (EVOLVE) Empire

The Writer’s Life:#WriterlbsOff Friday Check-In#1

Fiction: Episode 2: War in Resolution Galaxy

The Writer’s Life: #WriterlbsOff Friday Check-In #2

The Writer’s Life: Friday Check-In #3-War in Resolution Galaxy-Episode 3 Got overwhelmed with too many posts, so I combined them on Fridays

The Writer’s Life: Friday Check-In #4 & War in Resolution Galaxy-Episode 4

Fun: January Party – Spa Day for Writers We made it through the first month! The fun spa with very unusual treatments such as The Pharm and The Rack

December 2009

I consider December to be the “real” beginning for me online and in my writing life, when I connected in to the group of writers doing NaNoWriMo. This was one of my first discoveries on Twitter when I began to connect to other writers for the first time. My writing life took off from this point and I have never looked back!

What I Learned My First Year in NaNoWriMo

What I am Writing About in NaNoWriMo