Two weeks ago, I began writing a series about Negative Thoughts and how to deal with them in the writing life. We all have times when we are overwhelmed with worry, fear, anxiety, anger, jealousy, rage, apathy or depression. In this series, I am sharing advice from the research I am doing for a non-fiction writing project.

I’m on a break this week from regular blog posts, but I thought I would share a few affirmations I came up with for myself after posting the article last week, Get in Your Right Mind.

Even though I have spent years of my life believing I couldn’t write well, I will now devote time each day to write, be patient with myself and keep trying to move my writing life forward.

When pain slows me down, I will remember that it is cyclical, and I will be able to write more when I feel better. Spending time taking care of my body is important. My pain has contributed to my decision to be a writer, and I am thankful.

When I am stuck in my writing projects, I don’t have to panic or believe that my blocks are terminal. It is okay to let storylines percolate while I refill my creative gas tank.

It is good to take breaks from writing, do art, go outside, play with the kids and live my life without feeling guilty when I am not writing. Life comes first, and it will enhance my life & creativity to spend more time in those activities.

Do you have any affirmations you would like to share?