Like Cra-a-a-a-zy Man!

Our final party for #WriterlbsOff is a wild, crazy, cool party traveling back to the 1950s to jive with the Beats and those pretending to be Beatniks in the campy movies.

We are really cool, hip writers and we have earned our rebellion.

We have a lot of reading to do on Fridays, so our Beatnik party is all about the music, audio/video poetry, videos and movies of the Beat Generation and all their cra-a-a-a-zy antics. I am providing you with a veritable feast to pick and choose your fun (yeah, I posted way too many videos, couldn’t help it). Come back often throughout the weekend to watch more, and keep up with the happenings in the comments.

Enjoy the party… Be cool, Daddy-O.

The Classics

Let’s get in the mood by paying homage to the leaders of the Beat Generation and listen to some of their seminal work. Here are Jack Kerouac, Allen Ginsberg and William S. Burroughs. These videos are for the hard core Beat fans who don’t want any nonsense (like the nonsense I have below).

Jack Kerouac reads from On The Road ( interview by Steve Allen in 1959.)  Steve Allen plays jazz piano while Jack is reading.

I like this dramatic reading done by John Tuturro of Howl by Allen Ginsberg. The music and city setting add to the emotion.

This is a rare audio CD of William S. Burroughs Reading Junky. (There is music at the beginning, just fast forward to the reading.)

Open Mic Poetry Readings

Now, for everyone who likes nonsense, let’s get campy and have some wild fun!

We are hosting this way-out party in a basement coffeehouse in Greenwich Village called The Jagged Pen. Have a cup of Espresso, smoke anything you like. In honor National Poetry Month in April, we will have a poetry reading open mic night. I have chosen a few kitchy classics to remember the Beatniks how they never were.  And, although not kitchy (in my own mind), I had to include Johnny Depp reading Jack Kerouac. A double dose of cooooool.

Join in the poetry reading. Share some of  your coolest, strangest or most depressing poetry. Write it in the comments or link to poetry on your website. It’s hip, man. *snap**snap*

A crazy poetry reading clip from the 1958 teen B movie High School Confidential.

Tomorrow is dragsville,? cats
Tomorrow is king-sized drag.

Tool a fast short
Swing with a gassy chick
Turn on to a 1000 joys
Smile on what happened, or check whats gonna happen
You’ll miss what’s happening
Turn your eyes inside and DIG the vacuum
Tomorrow Draaaaaaaag (snap)

Vampira recites a beatnik poem with a rat on her shoulder in the Albert Zugsmith production The Beat Generation (1959). (Watch out – smarmy pretty boy at the door is a serial rapist.)

While you’re digging “Monk’s” crazy beatnik poem “Diagnosis” from the June 19, 1962 episode (The Big Kick) of Alfred Hitchcock Presents, keep in mind that it was written by Robert Bloch, the novelist who wrote Psycho (1959).

Of course your stomach hurts, you swallowed too many dreams, too many hopes, and turned them into one gigantic ulcer

Excerpt of Kerouac’s work, recited by Jonny Depp. Cool meets cool!

Beatnik Dance & Music

I must include this dance sequence by Audrey Hepburn from Funny Face. One of my favorite scenes from a fun movie. But, I think they could have come up with a better leading man for Audrey, Fred Astaire is great, but not the heart-throb that Audrey needs.

Peter Gunn visits his pal Wilbur the Beatnik who spouts some way out hipster-talk about art and women. A cool Jazz combo with flute grooves in the background while the audience snaps their fingers in approval. All the Beatnik stereotypes rolled into one scene! The episode is “Image of Sally” from season one of Peter Gunn, 1958. Dig it.

Late Night B-Movie Beatnik Film Festival

For everyone staying at The Jagged Pen into the wee hours of the morning, enjoy a B-Movie Beatnik Film Festival. These are the perfect movies to watch after the poetry reading and having a few too many…well…of anything that we are serving (it will all do you in after a few hours).

Enjoy the angst, the drama, the defiant rebellion and the violence of the bad boys and bad girls of the 1950’s.

The Wild One is a 1953 outlaw biker film. It is remembered for Marlon Brando’s portrayal of the gang leader Johnny Stabler as a juvenile delinquent, dressed in a leather jacket and driving a 1950 Triumph Thunderbird 6T. Acting opposite of Brando was Lee Marvin as a rival gang leader. This low-budget production had Brando playing a rebel without a cause two years before James Dean.

High School Confidential (1958). Director Jack Arnold explores the influence of drugs and rock ‘n’ roll on young minds in this campy 1958 classic.

The Beatniks (1960). To a world emerging from the Eisenhower era, bohemian artists and beat-generation poets were seen as little more than socially maladjusted misfits in the same category as junkies, Commies, and teenage hoodlums.

This is the final party for #WriterlbsOff on Twitter. It has been four months since New Year’s Eve. Can you believe it has been that long? How have your New Year’s Resolutions held up? Have you been able to change a few things to improve your health, creativity, work, emotional health? Are you having more fun in your life? Let us know how this experience has been for you in the comments.

What’s Next?

It’s #Writers_Life and @Writers_Life (Twitter Account link-  @Writers_Life )

I hope you will keep a Twitter column up to follow my Tweets and have further chats about the writer’s life. I will tweet about the personal, emotional, spiritual and psychological experiences of our creativity and writing. I hope to take this endeavor to the next level as I delve into the psychology of creativity and begin interviewing writers about their creative process. And, I hope you will feel free to use the new hashtag for chats, discussion, tweets on these topics and just plain fun. Of course, the parties must continue!

Since the last time I researched the available hashtags, my first choice has been taken, so I will have to use –  #Writers_Life. I also have a new Twitter Account I hope you will follow called @Writers_Life at  @Writers_Life.

I want to thank everyone who participated in the #WriterlbsOff Twitter group. I had so much fun with many wonderful writers in the first four months of 2010. I hope you had a good time and were able to make positive changes in your life.

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Looking Back at Four Great Months

I have created an archive of all the posts for #WriterlbsOff on a separate page. I hope you will take a look and see how far we have come. If you want to visit (or re-visit) any of our wild parties or check out a post you missed, just swing on by and have a look. I love the fact the the comment section is an interesting extension of each post. We had so many wonderful conversation. I think we all went through many ups and downs and major life events. Through it all we got closer and became a good support for each other.

I’m curious, what was your favorite post, what did you like most about #WriterlbsOff, what would you change if it was done again?

Do you have any suggestions for the new #Writers_Life? I would love your feedback. And, I am always interested to hear suggestions for topics you would like for me to write about!