As many of you have seen on Twitter, I have opened a new Twitter Domain (@Writers_Life) and started a new hashtag (#Writers_Life) because we all know we need more writer hashtags, right? Well, it helps me keep things straight.

My shiny new Twitter Domain is burning rubber. It has been active for five days and my good friends are piling in along with several new followers. If you haven’t been there yet, stop by and follow me.

What Will I Post in The Writer’s Life?

In January 2010, I began#WriterlbsOff. I will continue with @Writer’s_Life and #Writers_Life. I will be tweeting about creativity and psychology related to the writer’s life and interesting tidbits about our personal experiences of being a writer. In the future, I plan to interview writers about their creative process.

On my website ABOUT page, I said…

The Writer’s Life is my regular series that looks at the life of writers from a personal angle; our challenges, our quests, and what drives us to create.

I draw from my psychotherapy background, and my own writing life, to write posts to inspire writers to unleash their creativity. I will wave my magic wand to…

~Amaze you with explorations into the mysteries of the creative process,

~Inspire you with ways to animate your inner muses, or at least throw a lasso around ‘em when they try to run away, and,

~Excite you to embrace the wild, wacky, scary, bizarre, frustrating, blissful, ecstatic experience of being a writer, as I try to do the same.

What Will I be Tweeting with @Writers_Life?

Starting now, and through the summer, in addition to my regular Tweeting of current information, I want to Retweet/Tweet archival content that is relevant to creativity and the writer’s life (about 1-2 Tweet a day). This is content that deserves more exposure and is always helpful to read again if you have seen it. I think it is a shame that so much great content flies by our online window so quickly. I will be digging the archives and tweeting content from places like these, and many more:

Psychology Today
TED Talks
Talent Development Resources
Scientific American
Zen Habits
Lateral Action
isca media – Making Me
The Writer’s Funhouse
Time to Write
Creative Something
Mildly Creative
I Geek for Creativity
Dose of Creativity
Spilling Ink – Creativity Blog
Eric Maisel, Julia Cameron, Natalie Goldberg & other authors writing about the writer’s life

Multimedia, Multidisciplinary Creativity: Our inspiration comes from many places. I know I am inspired by what others have created in other fields of art. I will tweet photography, dance, music, art and anything amazingly creative that I find.

Creativity Gone Wild: I will feature a video each week that represents “creativity gone wild” with stunts, advertisements and amazing creative projects others have done.

How Do I Use The Hashtag – #Writers_Life?

#Writers_Life can be used in several ways (that I can think of now) and will hopefully expand into many uses by me and my followers. I love to watch the creative expansion of the collective Twitter consciousness!

There is no special chat time – it is a hashtag for anytime. I will use it to retweet relevant content, to announce posts of The Writer’s Life, to tweet content I find and to invite everyone to my virtual parties.

Come over to the #Writers_Life Coffeehouse

I would also love to see #Writers_Life be a place that writers feel free to use to discuss how they are doing with their writing & creative life. Think of it as our own personal virtual coffeehouse for writers where we can talk about our personal triumphs and challenges, support each other and have a little fun to boost our mood. You know I love it when wild groups of writers hijack my comments and have wild parties.

When we have an issue to discuss, get fed up with our writing, want to celebrate a victory or just chat & goof off, someone can initiate a visit to #Writers_Life and we can all hang out for awhile.

I know this will help me chat with my friends easier – I am getting overwhelmed by my homefeed and even my groups. This way we can find the tweets easier.

Imagine Tweets like this:

My muse has left me, if anyone sees him, please tell him to come home, I have chocolate #Writers_Life

Today was a crappy writing day, anyone want to go to #Writers_Life for coffee?

Mr. Fluffy and Jezebel are starting their own muse for hire service – anyone want to give it a try? #Writers_Life

You get the idea.

I hope you will enjoy my expanded tweeting and please come over for coffee anytime!