War in Resolution Galaxy

The #writerlbsOff community will continue, but today is the final episode of War in Resolution Galaxy. To read from the beginning, start at Episode 1.

The Commander’s Final message to the EVOLVE Empire warriors special forces division:

The War in Resolution Galaxy is getting harder now. Look out the window at all the warships that have been destroyed. Thousands of warriors have succumbed to the power of Status Quo and his STASIS Republic fighters. Their Resolutions failed and they have given up.

This is your final day of training. Today, I will reveal the most important secret of the EVOLVE Empire warrior who is part of the special forces division.

The secret is your passion.

You must discover, clarify and pursue your passion. If you don’t, the Force will never stay with you. It is your only protection against mediocrity and being possessed by mindless habits and distractions.

In order to manifest your passion, your secret weapons are intuition, mindfulness, flexibility, and adaptability. These secret weapons allow you to feel and hear your passion, and be able to follow your passion wherever it leads.

Don’t Get Stuck in the STASIS Republic

You may be shocked to find out that your most secret mission is to live undercover in the (homeostasis) STASIS Republic. There are phases and cycles to manifesting your passion. The talent of the (evolution) EVOLVE Empire special forces warriors is that we know how to live undetected in both worlds.

We have learned the benefits of rest, relaxation, play, and not changing anything when it is needed. When we go undercover in the STASIS Republic, we do so mindfully and know when it is time to be transported back to the EVOLVE Empire for more change.  Do not get too comfortable in the STASIS Republic, or habits of disintegration will consume you and you will be unable to leave. At that point, passion wanes and the Force is much harder to regenerate.

Dangers of Too Much Change in EVOLVE Empire

After your undercover mission in the STASIS Republic, your intuition will tell you when it is time to come back to the EVOLVE Empire and initiate more changes in your life. We have learned that slow changes that sink deeply into your being are the way to approach lifelong change.

If you seek too much change you run the risk of becoming unfocused, erratic and can become addicted to stimulation, such as TV, music, any of your favorite addictive activities, even Twitter. You won’t be able to focus.You will become a stimulation junkie and get blasted by the Neganator, which will slime you with negative feedback and force you back into mediocre range.

Exercise Caution when Transporting

You passion manifests as alive focused energy, over-stimulation becomes dead, dull distraction. There is another time when distractions can overcome you.

When you are in the transporter between the STASIS Republic and the EVOLVE Empire, you must be aware of the danger of distractions. If you don’t focus, your passion and goals will become unclear and you will get off-kilter. You may disintegrate into pieces spraying across the galaxy.

Be mindful of your position and what you are feeling.  Listen to your intuition and it will guide you when movement is needed. Your intuition is the voice of your passion.  You may not always understand the direction your passion is leading you, but you must remain strong enough to follow. Every time you listen and obey your intuition, the Force grows stronger. Only after obeying your passion will you truly be EVOLVERS.


We have created a beautiful new world here in Resolution Galaxy. We are creating amazing new worlds within ourselves and across our galaxy. Let’s celebrate our successes. Darwin Vader will be here to personally congratulate you and give your certificates of completion. Good luck on your next mission and continue to be in communication with your division each Friday!

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Friday Check-In

Happy Friday #WriterlbsOff community. It is time for the Friday check-in on Twitter or in the comments below. I hope you had a good week, but if not, let us know that too. We are all here for each other and I greatly appreciate our supportive community. Follow the comments and write to each other – it’s just more fun as a conversation!

Be prepared to celebrate our February end of the month party next Sunday, February 28th. I can’t believe another month is already over! That means we are almost halfway there!