We all need our Muses to inspire our writing life . Some of my Muses are Meow-ses. Here are my two new little cuties!

I LOVE baby kitties, and we have just adopted two from the same litter. It will be our last two, since we already have two older ones. We have adopted all our cats from rescue shelters.

Last year we lost our old 22 year old cat, the last of my first family of four cats. We already have two cats for our next family, and now the two babies are joining them.

Our animal family is now complete with 4 cats and 1 dog, actually, we are over capacity. But, I love getting litter mates, they play and sleep together. The kittens are 9 weeks old and weigh only 2.1 and 2.3 lbs.

Indy (Indiana Jones) - my son's cat (but mine too)

Callie - my daughter's cat (of course, mine too)

My boy/girl twins holding their boy/girl kitty twins.

My kids LOVE their new baby kitties and do help, but you know who gets to do most of the care – Me, of course – but I love them all.

Cute spotted tummies!

I hope you enjoyed this Kitten Moment!

Bye Bye - We are going to sleep now!