The Love Boat is Sailing for our February Party

February and March can be challenging months to endure. I look out my window to piles of deep snow and the temps are dropping one more time. Even if you live where the weather is more pleasant, this can still be a difficult time of year when trying to stick to New Year’s resolutions.

Many people are starting to think about vacations in warm sunny places. So, our February party will be an ocean cruise through islands in the Pacific. Yeah, you heard me right – the Pacific. We will depart from a port in Hawaii. You can spend more time there when we return. But I have some special stops that will instill more love, laughter, adventure, and hope for smoother sailing ahead.

Here is a little fun and merriment to celebrate making it through another month of 2010.

Your Island Perspective

They say “no man is an island,” but it can feel that way sometimes in the writer’s life.

Have you felt a bit LOST? Has your life crashed on a scary island where nothing makes sense, a smoke monster chases you, time travel keeps throwing you back to the 1970’s and you don’t know who to trust, or even know who is really alive or dead?

See full episodes of LOST on ABC.

Or, has your muse turned on you and refused to talk?  Have you lived on an island as a Cast Away where your only friend left is just like Wilson (Chuck Noland’s (Tom Hanks) only friend on a deserted island)?  Loneliness can be overwhelming.

Love Boat

But, never fear, we are taking you far away from those islands today. We are setting sail on the Love Boat for our February party. This is a ship where all problems become solved by the end of the cruise. Here, you can shift your perspective. Look around, see the other people here, we are all taking the same trip. Let’s come out of our cabins, get to know each other, and have a good time.

There is an amazing crew waiting to serve you and give you advice for your problems.  Let me introduce you to Julie, our cruise director. We have arranged for you to eat all your meals at the captain’s table with Captain Stubing. And, Issac will serve you drinks while Gopher brings you anything you need. If you have an emergency, Doc will fix you right up, but women beware, he is quite frisky.

Watch full episodes of The Love Boat on CBS. Check out the 1970s clothes and hair.

Gilligan’s Island

The first stop on our island tour is Gilligan’s Island. It is time to let our hair down, frolic and play. On Gilligan’s Island it doesn’t matter if you make stupid mistakes. If you fail, your friends still love you. Tomorrow there is always hope of getting rescued if you just look for the next opportunity. There are many ways to have fun in the process even if you don’t like your current life circumstances. And, if that doesn’t work, you can always blame Gilligan. Let’s all enjoy the coconut cream pie and watch a few performances on Gilligan’s Island.

The Honey Bees – You Need Us

The Mosquitoes

You can see all the episodes of Gilligan’s Island for free at /Slash Control.

I suggest you start with The Producer where the cast performs a musical version of Hamlet.

Fantasy Island

The final stop on our cruise is Fantasy Island. This is a very special place where Mr. Roarke greets you in his white suit and Tatoo yells, “Da Plane, da plane!” to announce your arrival. They both work very hard to grant your wish. But, you must trust them. Sometimes they grant your wish in surprising ways. The important thing is that they have your best interests at heart and want you to leave the island a happier person. Sometimes we have to trust the universe to deliver just what we need at the right time. We can’t always see the bigger picture.

You can see episodes and excerpts of Fantasy Island at hulu and see more 1970s clothes and hair.

I hope you enjoyed the island cruise on the Love Boat. Feel free to stay aboard or hang out on the island of Hawaii. Add a little fun, adventure, love and trust in small ways in your life. Look around and see the people who care about you. Trust that the universe is working for your good. All you have to do is come out of your cabin, shift perspectives by visiting a different island and enjoy the cruise along the way.

Friday Check-In

How do you feel now that you are two months into 2010? Do you still have your resolutions in sight? Have you changed any resolutions? Is it getting harder? Let us know how you are doing in the comments. We are half-way through our four month resolution launch in#writerlbsOff for 2010.

It is getting harder now, so hang in there. Look for small ways to keep going.

We are all in the same boat!!