As many of you know, I post my serial fiction on the new website called, The Penny Dreadful.  Today was the 1 month anniversary of the site and they are celebrating 1,000 hits in their first month.  There was a party today with giveaways, and an author Twitter chat where I was featured.

I had a great time chatting about my writing process and my projects. You can view the entire Chat with Anne Tyler Lord here.

I have posted my Frostbite: A Mafia Family Christmas, and, I am currently posting a sequel series called, Twisted Family Bonds at The Penny Dreadful. Both humorous crime series are about the happenings in the Kaszinov Family(Russian Mafia), who live on a family compound in the Hungarian countryside near Budapest.

I look forward to joining future chats with the other authors at The Penny Dreadful. The other authors include Angie Capozello (our fearless leader), Cecilia Dominic, Donna Carrick, Emma Newman, Jason Arnett, Laura Eno, Lily Mulholland, Sam Adamson and Tom Bruno.  Stop by and check out their entertaining series at The Penny Dreadful.