Bird, Bird, Bird,

Bird is the word…

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I have been lamenting my limited time online these past few months, but I am thankful when I am able to connect to the friends I have made on Twitter these past couple years. Today I wanted to share a wonderful experience I had getting together with one of my Twitter friends.

Recently, I have been trying to open my own private practice in child & family therapy.  However, I have run into a few road blocks. One of those problems was finding an image for my logo to produce marketing materials.

I am using a local attraction as the logo for my business – the Trumpeter Swans. The town where I live pays to feed the swans every year, so a few thousand of them take up residence in the winter (I guess they think the weather is much warmer than Canada). I love to watch them fly over my house every day. They are beautiful, awe-inspiring birds. And, it is fun to go down by the river and watch them swim together with their babies. Trumpeter swans mate for life and stay in their family groups.

The first person I thought about to ask for help was a Twitter friend, Monica Marier (@lil_monmon). She is an amazing artist and I have really enjoyed Monica’s art, writing and her friendship.

I wanted to show off my adorable new logo that Monica created

I will definitely ask Monica to do any artwork I need in the future. She is a true professional with amazing talent. I am hoping to create small children’s books featuring her illustrations.

You can find some of Monica’s work, The Skeleton Crew webcomic at Tangent Artists and at The Penny Dreadful. She has published a book called, Must Love Dragons, available on Lulu.  And, Monica just finished her second novel (part of the same series), Runs In Good Condition, which is available for pre-order here.

I encourage you to check out Monica’s blog, Attack of the Muses, where she publishes her FridayFlashes and other writing tidbits. And, if you haven’t already, follow her on Twitter, @lil_monmon.

On a personal note…

I have been continually astounded by those I meet in the Twitterverse. I have met so many talented, intelligent and artistic people. And, I am most grateful to count as friends so many kind, compassionate, and of course, endlessly entertaining Tweeple.

Now I am getting nostalgic for the days when I could spend more time online. I am hoping to make changes in my life soon to allow more online time in my life.

And, if someone can just find office space for me, I will be eternally grateful.

Stay tuned for The Writer’s Life regular blog series to return in a few weeks.

Peace, my friends!!