R-Evolutionary Nights

Alex has always lived a safe life on the corporate track in Chicago  following her parents’ dreams for her life. But, she decides to jump off her boring life and pursue writing and international studies at a university in Madison, Wisconsin. Alex meets Jack and falls deeply in love, and their passion for truth, freedom and creativity bring them together in an unusual place and time. Their love is tested by uncontrollable events that play out in Madison, Wisconsin, Prague and Budapest. Jack lives in an eccentric family with members connected to an international cast of characters in Eastern Europe. Alex is determined to win Jack’s love and become part of his life and join the inner circle of his amazingly odd, but fascinating family.

The day Alex returns from France, Maggie (Jack’s sister) is back from one of her journalism assignments in Prague for her grandfather, who owns one of the newspapers. Maggie is once again relying on her brother, Jack, to secretly help her with trouble in her life that always seems to escalate out of control. Jack’s sister Maggie becomes involved with the Russian Mafia in Budapest, and family secrets from the past erupt and change their lives forever. Alex and Jack seek to help her out, while filming a documentary in Budapest, but they end up kidnapping victims.

Wrapped up in the drama is Jack and Maggie’s Uncle Michael, who created a Research Institute for Reincarnation & Past Life Experiences that inadvertently becomes dangerously involved with shady gurus, also part of the Russian mafia. The trouble leads to tragic ends.

Alex and Jack become intricately involved in the family problems and work to untangle the webs of deception and crime that have entered their lives. All the while, they try desperately to hold on to their love affair and realize their creative dreams.

Alex embarks on a journey that ignites her passion and creativity for the first time in her life. Together, Alex and Jack discover the essence of truth, freedom and deep, meaningful love. The power of unseen forces, synchronicity and radical change infuse their lives with wisdom and compassion in ways they could have never predicted.

Then again, who knows where it will all lead…