“Steady, my boy!  Hold it steady! We must stay on course!”

“I’m trying, commander, but the blasts are coming too strong. I don’t know if I can hold on!”

“You must realize we are in the midst of the fiercest war we face all year.  We, of the Homeostasis (STASIS) Republic must emerge victorious, and protect our leader, Status Quo, at all costs!”

“Sir, the blasts are getting stronger, we’ve lost our number 3 energy pod! We are losing power.”

“This is your commander! Emergency teams to energy pod 3, I repeat, emergency teams to energy pod 3, on the DOUBLE!”

“You will learn, recruit 222, that even though the Evolution (EVOLVE) Empire has become stronger this year, we WILL defeat them in this fierce battle at Resolution Galaxy! I’ve been fighting this battle for centuries and the EVOLVE Empire warriors come on strong at first with the latest technology, clever tactics and intense fierceness. But soon you will see them crumble like the cookies that defeat them. We are always victorious.  We must be! We hold the fate of the universe in our hands.”

“Commander, the Transform Receptors are detecting fluctuations all over the place, what are we gonna do?!”

“Turn up the NegaNator to Nuclear and blast that negative feedback* all over the EVOLVE warships.  At that level it will penetrate through their warships, turn into NegaGoo and saturate their bodies. We can’t risk a Homeostatic Imbalance!** We’ve got to get this change stopped, NOW!”

Continue the reading about the War in Resolution Galaxy in Episode 2

Watch Out for the STASIS Republic Warships!

They can be an indomitable foe if you take them on in a fight! They are responsible for the downfall of many good EVOLVE warriors who join the war in January deep in the Resolution galaxy!

What is an EVOLVE Warrior Supposed to do?

First of all, go into training with your fellow warriors. Support each other in all phases of your training. The training is intense and it ain’t always pretty!

Secondly, get to know the tactics of the STASIS Republic. You need to know their mission, their objectives, their strengths and weaknesses. If you do not understand your foe, you cannot be victorious. (stay tuned for more inside secrets next week in your training session)

Third, begin by starting small in the changes you make in the Resolution galaxy! This is absolutely crucial to go undetected by their Transform Receptors so you won’t get blasted by the NegaNator and get saturated in negative feedback NegaGoo!  Sometimes you need  that stuff to stay alive, but when you are in the midst of battle to transform, that NegaGoo really hurts and blinds you with rage and frustration.

Blast Off!

We are ready, fellow EVOLVE warriors of the #writerlbsOff division! And, anyone else lurking here is welcome to watch or join in! Together we will do it, with baby steps in the universal battle. The goal is to nurture ourselves and take care of our needs.  Starvation and deprivation will not win the battle.  Permanent changes can be made without drastic measures.  This is the secret of the EVOLVE warriors special forces unit (more to come later).

As new recruits in the EVOLVE warrior division, you must begin your quest by creatively thinking of ways to lay low under the detection of the Transform Receptors of the STASIS Republic.

You must not get blasted by the NagaNator this early in the battle. Comment below and discuss among the members of your division ways you hope to accomplish your first mission.

If you haven’t joined our quest yet, and want to, you can let us know you are on board in the comments of #WriterlbsOff – New Year Resolutions for Writers. Then join us on Twitter by using the #writerlbsOff in your Tweets.  We officially start today, January 4th, but you can join anytime.

Coming Attractions

Each Friday I will post a a new episode of War in Resolution Galaxy along with a brief bit of information or entertainment to give you a place to use my comment feature for discussion and updates.

This Friday, I will share a collection of the best articles I have found about setting realistic resolutions and how to keep them.

Want To Know More?

George Leonard is an author who published a few books related to mastery and change, especially as it relates to the body.  He is not your typical self-help guru nor does he offer quickie advice to improve your health and increase happiness.  He is one of the rare authors that truly understand the nature of change.

I will refer to his advice from time to time, and you are guaranteed that his advice will apply to every area of your life in need of a little transformation.  I figure, why not gain insight and awareness that will apply across the board in your life.

Here is what George Leonard, in Mastery: The Keys to Success and Long-Term Fulfillment, says about resolutions:

You resolve to make a change for the better in your life…You tell your friends about it. You put your resolution in writing. You actually make the change. It works. It feels good…Then you backslide.

Why? Are you some kind of slob who has no will-power? Not necessarily. Backsliding is a universal experience. Every one of us resists significant change, no matter whether it’s for the worse or for the better.  Our body, brain, and behavior have a built-in tendency to stay the same within rather narrow limits, and to snap back when changed – and it’s a very good thing they do.

Just think about it, if your body temperature moved up or down by 10 percent, you’d be in big trouble.  The same thing applies to your blood sugar level and to any number of other functions of your body.  This condition of equilibrium, this resistance to change, is called homeostasis.  It characterizes all self-regulating systems, from a bacterium to a frog to a human individual to a family to an organization to an entire culture – and it applies to psychological states and behavior as well as to physical functioning.…the predominant function of all this – … – is the survival of things as they are.

The problem is, homeostasis works to keep things as they are even if they aren’t very good…Homeostasis doesn’t distinguish between what you would call change for the better and change for the worse.  It resists ALL change.

Still, change does occur. …Homeostats are reset, even though the process might cause a certain amount of anxiety, pain and upset. The questions are:

How do you deal with homeostasis?

How do you make change for the better easier?

How do you make it last?

These questions rise to great importance when you embark on the path of mastery.


Homeostasis in Wikipedia

*Example of Negative Feedback Mechanism in the Body

When the body is deprived of food – The body would then reset the metabolic set point to a lower than normal value. This would allow the body to continue to function, at a slower rate, even though the body is starving. Therefore, people who deprive themselves of food while trying to lose weight would find it easy to shed weight initially and much harder to lose more after. This is due to the body readjusting itself to a lower metabolic set point to allow the body to survive with its low supply of energy. Exercise can change this effect by increasing the metabolic demand.

**Homeostatic Imbalance

Much disease results from disturbance of homeostasis, a condition known as homeostatic imbalance. As it ages, every organism will lose efficiency in its control systems. The inefficiencies gradually result in an unstable internal environment that increases the risk for illness. In addition, homeostatic imbalance is also responsible for the physical changes associated with aging. Even more serious than illness and other characteristics of aging is death. Heart failure has been seen where nominal negative feedback mechanisms become overwhelmed, and destructive positive feedback mechanisms then take over.