The Writer’s Life – #WriterlbsOff in 2010

Have you had too much BIC (Butt in Chair) time in 2009?  Well, that is great for the novel, but bad for the Butt.

Several of my lovely followers on Twitter are already thinking about New Year’s resolutions and the first one to emerge is getting the pounds off.*  I am beginning my regular series called, The Writer’s Life.  So, what better way to begin than to organize an opportunity for writers to join together on Twitter to improve their lives.  Let’s form, yet another, wonderful hashtag (#) to connect with each other!

We will christen the new hashtag  #WriterlbsOff   *crash champagne bottle on the hull*

It is time for New Year’s resolutions and we want all the writers on Twitter to join together to improve their health and happiness quotient.  We think first of all of the extra pounds we want to lose, and that is an admirable goal, but let’s go further to think of additional goals to enhance your overall health, joy and creativity in your writer’s life.

Here are my ideas for goals you can create (feel free to add your own, whatever it is):

1.  Weight Loss – How many pounds do you hope to lose this year?

2.  Exercise – What are you exercise goals?

3. Nutrition – What are your better eating goals?

4. Health Challenges – Do you have health challenges to manage?  What will help you make progress this year?

5.  Stress Reduction – What can you do to reduce the stress in your life?  How can you give yourself more relaxation?

6.  Life Enhancement – What can you do this year to inject your life with more joy and passion?

7.  Creativity – What do you want to do this year to spark your creativity and ignite your fire?

Commit Yourself

No, I don’t mean to an insane asylum after giving up.  I mean commit yourself for four months (January 4 to April 30,2010) to join in the cause to live a more passionate, joyful, creative, energetic Writer’s Life!

Here is How:

1.   Sign in to the comments below and commit to join the ranks of Writer’s Extradinare who want it all – the novel, the book deal, fame, fortune, and to be happy and healthy along the way!  But, isn’t our health and happiness the most important? Come on, you know it is!

2.   Let us know what goals you have in mind to transform your life this year or what challenges you are trying to overcome.  And, if you aren’t sure yet, just join in and set a few general goals. I will be writing articles to give you ideas for Stress Reduction, Life Enhancement and Creativity as time goes by.

3.   Use the #WriterlbsOff to connect with each other.

FRIDAY REPORTS:  Friday will be our official time to report your progress and successes (anytime on Friday).

In addition, you are invited to post any day, at any time for support and chatting.

We will continue this support group for four months (January 4 to April 30, 2010).

4.   Most of all, have fun, support each other, and together we can make this an amazingly productive year – writing, creating, living more passionately, improving our health and experiencing more of the wonderful community connection that Twitter has given us all!!!

*Thanks to the idea from Julie (@Okami0731) of forming a club to lose lbs when several of us were lamenting our desperate need on Twitter.