Last week I joined the challenge at called 21.5.800, which translates into five days of yoga each week and 800 words of writing per day for 21 days. This community project is still growing with over 470+ participants. I encourage everyone to visit the website for some very insightful and touching posts.

I have been doing great with the 800 words a day and I have done yoga each day. But the yoga is much harder for me than the writing. I am a fairly flexible person, but I have chronic pain, and when stretching this week, all I could hear was…

Crrrreeeeaaaaakkk (Creak) and then…

“Oh my gosh!” (Moan) (okay, you got the cleaned-up explicative)

Even though I try to be as gentle as possible in my yoga practice and do more warm up each day, I have chronic pain throughout most of my body from fibromyalgia. And, that is made worse in certain areas from previous injuries and surgeries. Yoga reveals each one and flares up lines of pain that travel in a path. I remember those well-worn roads and how they were formed.  I know it is time to address those problems areas again.

When taking up yoga again this week, I am reminded that I can’t do very much at a time or I will pay a huge price in pain and be unable to continue. I think that reminder is the most painful part of this process thus far. I would rather be able to push myself, make progress in leaps and bounds and to work my way to advanced yoga. But, I know that will never happen for me. The resistance I am encountering right now is to accept my limited physical capabilities and work at a pace that is comfortable and won’t injure me.

I am thankful for the 21.5.800 challenge and it has been good for me this week, despite the creak & moan. The challenge has provided a focus to get more writing done and it has revealed weaknesses in my body that I would rather ignore. I enjoy yoga because it is not only an exercise routines, but also an inner practice. As yoga will do, it is revealing stored memories in my body and negative thought patterns I need to address in order to move forward.

I hope everyone is enjoying their writing and yoga challenge!