I was recently honored by Laura Eno with the You Are My Sunshine Supportive Comment Award. The purpose of it is to acknowledge those that have a blog and spend endless hours ensuring that other bloggers get feedback on their blogs by leaving comments, adding themselves as a follower or dropping by just to let you know there are people out there. Thank you, Laura!

Here is a few of my good friends that I would like to honor. I appreciate your friendship so much!

Laura Eno of A Shift in Dimensions (yeah, you get one back)
Marisa Birns of Out of Order Alice
Deanna Schrayer of The Other Side of Deanna
Sam at Future;  Nostalgic
Maria Protopapadaki-Smith of Mazzz In Leads
Estrella Azul of Life is a Stage
Marc Nash of Sulci Collective
Cynthia Shuerr of The Heart of Writing
P J Kaiser of Inspired by Real Life
Olivia Tejeda of Liv Loves Lit
Michael J. Solender of Not From Here Are You
Cascade Lily of  Ten Seconds a Day

Now to pass it on.

It’s Raining Sunshine